Supporting Life

Chris Cornell, show us how to liveDo you know how much you matter? Your life is intrinsically valuable – from your soul to your body – you matter.

We believe that God made humankind in His image. Because of that awareness, we treat human life as a gift and a blessing in all stages of life. From conception to natural death, each person is loved by God and matters to us.

People should matter to the rest of humanity, but we know that is often not the case. Instead, human life is losing its value in our societies. People are being treated with casual contempt and are often thrown away when one person becomes a burden to another.

Abortion stands out as the broadest example of this tragedy. But equally as horrifying is the terrible treatment of a person when they begin to reach an age where he or she requires care.

We choose to stand far away from this trend of treating humans as worthless as the strong destroy the weak. We choose to protect children, women, the sick, the elderly, and those considered worthless by the greedy and the powerful. Where do you stand?