Our Story

Our Logo: Symbol with a Purpose.

FLL - Full LogoPNG
Cross surrounded by a circle.
The cross is bright white – reminding us that Christ’s sacrifice is at the center of all things we do here at FBC Los Lunas. Because of His work on the cross, we know God and His love.
The Moon
The right side of the cross is a blue arc representing the moon (notice the craters?). Los Lunas means “The Moon” in Spanish.
The Sun
On the left side is an orange arc signifying the sun. When we see the moon it’s really the light of the sun reflecting off its surface. First Los Lunas longs to do just that – reflect the light of the Son.
The Mountains
Lifting that center circle high is a triangle filled with color. This geometric shape represents the Monzano mountains surrounding the city of Los Lunas. And the colors remind us of this: Just as light refracts into many colors through a prism, we – as a Church Family – are many kinds of people working together in beautiful harmony.
The Rays
Also, the lines breaking in many directions remind us of the multitude of ways we can influence the world around us. Everything we do – through Christ and His Church – is meant to encourage and lift up other people who then pass it on.
The Stained Glass
Finally, churches have used stained glass for centuries to elevate imaginations and thoughts to things of heavenly beauty. So too, God inspires us to think higher, greater, and more beautiful thoughts toward Him and one another each moment of our lives.
The Purpose
Use this inspiring logo to tell others about the beautiful thing Christ did for you. Encourage one another to work as a reflection of Christ’s light – refracting in as many different ways as there are colors of the rainbow. I pray you take these symbolic concepts and apply them to your lives.