Prayer Is Important

The Lord’s prayer begins with our attitude toward God. We should ask that God’s name be honored as holy, that His kingdom would come and that His will would be done. Only after the point where we have exalted God, should we ask anything for ourselves.

The prayer continues by asking for daily bread. Bread is basic sustenance and nothing extravagant. We aren’t asking for the ability to go to the nicest restaurants, just that we can survive throughout the day. Also, we are only to pray for what we need today; our daily bread.

This is reminiscent of the Children of Israel wandering in the wilderness and only being able to take enough manna for the day. If they took any more it would rot.

Forgiveness Is Imperative

The prayer continues by us asking for forgiveness. It is important to remember that we are to ask all things for God’s people as a whole. The word “us” is used throughout.
Forgiveness is something that only God can give.

This word reminds us that we have a broken relationship with God because of our sin and that we need him to make us whole and clean again.

We are to ask that God not leave us in temptation.

At any time we can wander aimlessly into sin or temptation, but when we are praying, our eyes are on God and He will get us through. We don’t want God to abandon us into our temptation, but if we somehow get there, we need His help to get out.

Finally, the prayer ends as it begins, by giving God glory for all that He has done. Start praying this way, and you may see miraculous things happen around you.