From the very beginning…

Acts chapters one and two are very clear about what the early church looked like and probably how Christians in the 21st century should look. The first thing that is clear; they met together.
In a time where there are house churches, places of worship, TV church, internet churches, and many other configurations that don’t look like the book of Acts, it is vital that we come together.

It is impossible to encourage others when you aren’t around other people.

It is impossible to be encouraged when you aren’t around other people. The Bible is clear we are to spend time with other Christians, yet in the world evolving today, much of “worship” is isolated.

Any reader can also see that the first century church thought of others.

They gave as people had need, encouraged one another and lifted others up who were going through difficult times. This early church also broke bread together. This either means they went through the Lord’s Supper together or just generally congregated to have dinner and fellowship.

There is something special about having someone in your home.

A person who was an acquaintance becomes a friend quickly when they enter your house. When is the last time you had someone over for dinner?

Finally, we understand that their entire focus was to place God first.

When He is high and lifted up, we will always be blessed in kind. In a world that seems to be evolving quickly, reading through the first few chapters of Acts can help root the average Christian on what church attendance and church worship should look like.