Our church will be going to Rancho 3M Orphanage & School in Mexico on April 26th-28th. We will work on special projects as well as bring supplies for the children. If you are not going on the trip, you can still help by praying and bringing in some of the items needed.
These include:

Blue & pink towels
Laundry soap
Children’s socks
12 cooler pumps
1 role of blue padding

The main mission of the trip is to show these children God’s love. We will spend quality time with them, enjoy fun activities, and read Bible stories. Other projects may include:

Starting up coolers
Cutting up and stacking firewood
Cleaning up storage areas and buildings
Painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and agricultural work
Any other assignments that may come up

If you feel called to go on this mission trip please let us know ASAP! Call the church or contact Harold Brown at (505) 463-5563 if you are interested or have questions. 

Some information about Rancho 3M:
Rancho 3M’s mission is about “rescuing, caring for, and training at-risk and orphaned children for the glory of God.” The children are cared for by a loving staff, given nutritious meals, and their own beds. The children receive a Christian education from kindergarten through 9th grade and some of them go on to college. They are taught agricultural skills such as raising farm animals and growing crops, which can help them provide for their families in the future. Overall, the main goal of Rancho 3M is to provide these children with a clean, safe place to live and learn, and show them the love and hope of Jesus Christ.