Date: Sunday, October 28th from 2:00pm-4:00pm
Location: The Dream Center of Las Cruces, 1400 Sixth St. Las Cruces, NM 88005

Please join New Mexico state legislatorscongressional candidates and candidate for attorney general as they discuss their pro-life stance. 
In addition, there will be a message from Congressman Steve Pearce.

Statements Issued Regarding Billboard:

Michelle Garcia Holmes issued the following statement,  “It is a blessing to see people from the faith community unite and stand up against the horrible act of late-term termination of babies in the state of New Mexico, 43 other states have a ban on this agregious act and so should New Mexico. Life is precious, these are children who deserve a chance to be born. The answer is very clear, red, green or life? Choose life New Mexico!”

Michael Hendricks, Candidate and Republican Nominee for New Mexico Attorney General, will be speaking at the unveiling of the first Pro-Life Billboard in Albuquerque. Hendricks made the following statement:  

“A government that condones, supports, and legislates the legalized killing of babies in the womb, shows that it does not place value on life. Why would the same government that does not value the lives of the unborn value the lives of the born? The answer is: they don’t. New Mexico is ridden with crime and born children being murdered due to the incompetence of failed systems. Addicts and mentally ill being thrown into jail without the systems addressing their real root cause problems. Pervasive homelessness without a system or community that steps up to help. It is all an issue of the heart. We must take a hard look inward and realign our values with what is Right; only then will we see a healing in our state.”

Tara Shaver of Life Ministries U.S. and Abortion Free NM issued the following statement, “The voters of New Mexico have the chance to change the direction of our state on November 6th. Unrestricted abortion up to the day of birth has cast a darkness over this state, but our votes matter and can save babies lives and restore New Mexico’s reputation. New Mexicans hold to traditions that include a love of family, pride in this great state, and being known internationally for our green and red chile. Our prayer is that this billboard penetrates hearts and impresses upon those who see it to vote pro-life on November 6th. We thank everyone who has contributed to this project and made it possible.”