mission trip, orphanage, mexico
God is giving us the blessing of traveling to Rancho3M Orphanage in Mexico May 4-6 this year.
In addition to sharing His love with His children, we will be starting up about 15 coolers, painting and working on small improvement projects.
The children specific needs:
(Approximately 24 girls and 24 boys.)

  • Boys and Girls Sneaker/tennis shoes and flip/flops. (New or gently worn).
  • Children Sizes 11,12,13
  • Young adult sizes 1,2,3,4,5

The supplies that will be needed are:

    3 rolls of 30 inch wide, blue, cooler pad material.
    • 18 cooler pumps, (5500 to 6500 cfm models).
    • 20 packs of coupling, ferrule, insert kits for 1/4 inch cooler tubing.
    • 100 ft of black 1/4 inch cooler tubing.
    • 4 packages of 20 count, 10 to 12 inch long zip ties or tie wraps.
    • 4 containers of cooler bearing oil.

    In addition to donations, please join us with your prayers!