New and Improved

We’re updating our look! Don’t worry, we’ve kept the same great people, food, and of course, coffee! With the Village of Los Lunas experiencing rapid growth, rethinking our space
to accommodate more customers has become a necessity.

Out With the Old!

We also recognized that we were rapidly becoming out-of-date in our community. While our focus is on sharing the love of Christ – one cup of coffee at a time – our thoughts are on the community around us.

Have you ever really looked in the mirror?

We did and we wondered…How do people in the Village of Los Lunas perceive our work here? Are we adequately ministering to churches while offering the love of Jesus to a rapidly changing world? These questions and more prompted us to make some big changes.

Here are the changes!

  • We removed some pieces of furniture to bring in more tables.
  • A laptop bar has been added for those seeking to work or read with their coffee (feel free to charge your mobile device while you work!).
  • The dining room has been tiled and moved back to accommodate the extra seating.
  • The kitchen has been expanded refreshed, and the bathroom is being remodeled as well.
  • We re-carpeted the bookstore, music and gift shop space.
  • And the classroom at the back is cleared of storage and fast becoming a beautiful place to learn music or conduct a small meeting.
  • Our colors are now warm and earthy tones to match our new logo – featuring a Pinon branch.
  • In fact, you’ll find our logo popping up everywhere from our aprons to the front door!

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to everyone in our church family who has brought their talents to this remodel. Without the sacrifice of your time and energy, this project would never have begun. Each of these has shown strong conviction in The Branch’s goals by rallying to help. Our members volunteered to do everything from cleaning to painting to installing flooring, and Branch employees have also come in to help. It has truly been a community effort.

Please come and see the new Branch!

You will enjoy the updated surroundings, delicious food, and Christ-centered community.​