Another Church Shooting

And I am grateful that I’ve not heard one person blame God…yet.
The first response to evil rearing its head in this world is often the counter-productive blaming of the One who came bringing us hope and peace.
But today, I heard a church member say, “Well, now it’s time to harden our faith and pray. Let’s walk forward and thank God for the hope He’s given us.”
And that gives me hope. If we can turn from our own private and personal sin and focus on the work He’s given us to do and the hope that is to come – well, then we have hope!
If instead, we turn inward and “naval-gaze” and wonder why these things happen – then all hope is lost, dropped, even refused.
For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Harden your faith

Let’s harden our faith – with determination make a choice to walk where He walks and do what He does and not argue, complain or weaken in our purpose. For faith without works is dead. James 2:7

  • Start by reading the Bible. Try Proverbs for a quick perspective on wisdom and foolish behavior. Go with Thessalonians for a deeper appreciation of ministry to others and walking daily as a Christian. Psalms will bring you peace and a sense of the just, righteous and compassionate God you serve.
  • Then pray. Pray all the time. Pray as you work, when you’re driving, when you’re waking up and going to sleep. Remember to talk TO Him. Thank Him for each good thing around you. Ask Him to bring His kingdom here and do His will here – through you!
  • Above all love one another. Dismiss those moments of irritation. Refuse to correct others when that correction is simply to prove yourself right. Smile at your church family. Accept compliments and give them genuinely. Look for the lonely and downhearted and take the time to talk to them – encouraging them with God’s Word you’ve read. Do what is right. Make your spouse and children and church brothers and sisters your highest priority. They matter to God just as you matter to Him.

Read 3rd John!

Again. Harden your faith.

Acknowledge that He made you – you are not an accident. Remember that righteousness, purity, joy and love will be rewarded. Believe that His plan WILL be fulfilled, and His purpose will not be messed up by your actions or the actions of others. He is sovereign. You are His. He loves you.