The Swoon Theory

Proposed by Heinrich E.G. Paulus in The Life of Jesus (1828), the swoon theory
jesus_carrying_crossThe swoon theory states that Jesus was not actually dead when He was removed from the Cross. Instead, it says He had fallen into a coma-like state (a swoon) on the Cross and was then buried in a tomb in that condition.
It goes on to explain that He later revived, supposedly because of the coolness of the tomb, rolled away the tomb’s stone from the inside, evaded the Roman guards, and escaped. Then Jesus appeared to His disciples proclaiming He had conquered death, but rather than making a full recovery, Jesus died soon thereafter due to His numerous injuries.
There have been slight variations of this theory over the last several hundred years but they are insignificant with reference to the overall theory.

Did Jesus actually die on the cross?

Thinking about this logically, the answer seems impossible. Let’s think about what Jesus had gone through.

  • He hadn’t slept in close to 36 hours.
  • He had been through six trials the night before – Annas, Caiaphas, The Sanhedrin, Pilate, Herod, Pilate.
  • Jesus had been scourged 39 times with a flagrum – cat of nine tails. This caused significant blood loss.
  • He had a crown of thorns placed on his head – further blood loss.
  • The soldiers beat him and forced him to wear a purple robe.
  • Jesus had a spear thrust in his side – further blood loss.
  • Crucifixion – nails through hands and feet.
  • Burial – being wrapped in cloth.
  • He has no medical help, food, or water for three days.

And then what does the Swoon Theory say?

  • Jesus then awakens and rolls back a stone that could weigh up to two tons with his nail pierced hands.
  • He then evades up to four guards.
  • Finally, Jesus runs into town on his nail pierced feet and reunites with his apostles.

Does any of this sound logical?

Jesus did die on the cross and miraculously raised from the grave three days later. Trust the truth and think logically when people come to you with crazy ideas.