Parenting Class

September 13, 2018

A marriage-centered Bible study led by Bob and Michelle Delahunt at 7:30 pm every other Friday. The Art of Parenting by Dennis & Barbara Rainey (Cofounders of Family Life)

Natural Antibiotic Outline

August 9, 2018

Acacia (mimosa trees grow here) It can be used for: bites diarrhea gastrointestinal tract inflammation sedative   Aloe Vera: Great for burns and external wounds use on Staph infections of the skin herpes sores Cryptolepis: grown in Africa is not readily available here is used: for the treatment of Malaria Echinacea: (Use cultivated leaves, flowers […]

Natural Living: Pest Control

June 18, 2018

Notes from the June 2nd class. Perhaps we should be controlling pests when possible instead of eliminating them. God has a master plan that uses these creatures to maintain a balance. When pests must be eradicated, if at all possible, natural means should be used to avoid using chemicals causing sickness to other animals and humans.