Parent’s Night Out Dates

April 6, 2016

Ready for some time off? Once a month, our student ministry spends a Friday evening watching your precious children – so you don’t have to!

Children: Our New Vision

April 5, 2016

Our children are important to us. Why? Because they are the future of our church, our community, our families. Find out what Jesus had to say about this!

CareNet Tea & Fundraiser

April 5, 2016

You are all invited to attend a lovely breakfast tea at First Baptist Church of Belen. 10:00am Saturday April 23, 2016

Stop Worrying in 1 Easy Step

March 30, 2016

Charles Spurgeon explained God’s sovereign will (His plan) and Man’s free will are welded alongside one another like railroad tracks. They are each unique, and they are always following the same path…Read more