Natural Antibiotic Outline

August 9, 2018

Acacia (mimosa trees grow here) It can be used for: bites diarrhea gastrointestinal tract inflammation sedative   Aloe Vera: Great for burns and external wounds use on Staph infections of the skin herpes sores Cryptolepis: grown in Africa is not readily available here is used: for the treatment of Malaria Echinacea: (Use cultivated leaves, flowers […]

Natural Living: Pest Control

June 18, 2018

Notes from the June 2nd class. Perhaps we should be controlling pests when possible instead of eliminating them. God has a master plan that uses these creatures to maintain a balance. When pests must be eradicated, if at all possible, natural means should be used to avoid using chemicals causing sickness to other animals and humans.

Vacation Bible School 2018!

May 17, 2018

Join us for GAME ON! Gearing up for life’s big game begins June 11 – June 15, from 9am – noon.