Conceal Carry Class Saturday

October 12, 2018

Everyone is invited to this Conceal Carry Class on Saturday, October 13th & October 20th. Arrive at the church at the time particular to your class: NEW LICENSE If you need a NEW license, the class is 9:00-4:30. Please arrive at 9:00 am.

Faith Team Hands

80 Years of Serving Christ in Los Lunas

July 4, 2018

On July 4th, 1937, First Baptist Los Lunas officially became a church. Their purpose was to bring the Life and Light of Christ to the little pass-through Village of Los Lunas, NM. Unfortunately, the original congregants were met with significant resistance from the outside that included the destruction of mail, the stealing of chairs, and […]

Natural Living: Pest Control

June 18, 2018

Notes from the June 2nd class. Perhaps we should be controlling pests when possible instead of eliminating them. God has a master plan that uses these creatures to maintain a balance. When pests must be eradicated, if at all possible, natural means should be used to avoid using chemicals causing sickness to other animals and humans.

Vacation Bible School 2018!

May 17, 2018

Join us for GAME ON! Gearing up for life’s big game begins June 11 – June 15, from 9am – noon.

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FLLCA Upcoming Important Dates

May 3, 2018

For anyone interested in attending FLLCA next year, here is a list of important training dates for this summer! Let’s get started.